Sunday Afternoon

The truck is still loaded with goodies so I’ll be hitting the road again today… well, all the way to the end of our driveway at least. See you at 1 pm at the entrance to Growdat Farms on Hwy 80  with lots of fresh veggies, berries and plants!!


  $6.00 per lb. Organic Strawberry pieces. Great for jamming, desserts and smoothies . Packages vary in weight from 2 to 5 lbs. they are being stored in Cavendish.  If you want to pick some up at the Farm, let us know one day in advance.

Perennial Sale

 Fall is the perfect time to get your perennials planted, and not be bothered by bugs! There’s less fuss with watering at this time of year, and plants get a head start on next season, so you get earlier & longer-lasting blooms.

 Sept. 12-15 ( Thursday – Sunday),all Perennial Flowers & Herbs are on SALE

We have a variety of colors and styles – 5 ft tall purple Verbena to cover up the side of the shed, to low-growing yellow Sedum for your rock garden – and lots of other great perennials to chose from such as Hosta, Astilbe, Iris, Lily, etc.

Pot sizes vary from 4” size (only $2.25 each or 5/$10), to our 2 gallon ( a steal at $8.00) and, as always @ Growdat, the sales tax is included IN the price, so there’s less math required!